Sunday, February 1, 2009

Yay! The first step.

So, I have become kind of blog obsessed since becoming engaged . . . I think I have at least 40 that I have been checking regularly and I keep finding more and more each day that I love. All you bloggers are amazing! My wedding is now only 6 months away, so I am going to be doing a little catch up about what I have been doing so far, as well as letting you know what is going on in the present! I have actually accomplished quite a lot in the last few months, and am very proud of myself!

So, here is the story. I grew up in Portland Oregon and went to college in the good old midwest! My fiance', "M", grew up in a small town in Missouri, just outside of St Louis. We met in college because we worked together at a little guitar shop. A couple of years ago we moved out to Southern California and that is where we have been ever since. This last October, M proposed at a winery up in Sonoma. I kind of thought it was going to happen, but it was still a big surprise. Our friends took tons of pics and one even got most of it on video, and created a little momento for us. (I hope I can figure out how to attach it!)

Anyway . . . as I have been planning my wedding since I was a child, the real planning began almost immediately! I knew I always wanted to get married back in my home town . . . so my destination wedding to Portland was born!

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