Friday, November 27, 2009

Sweet Cake

This cake is so unique. I love how the designs sit on top of the layers. Just so cool I had to share.
Via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lela Rose

These new Lela Rose Bridesmaid dresses are super cute. Totally something that could/would be worn again (if in a good color). I kinda want one just for fun anyway! Super cute!

Found Via The Bride's Guide

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More Details

So here are so more details!!! Mostly pre-wedding and ceremony decor.

Here are two different shots of our pretty little B&B. It looked so cute with all the tents set up in the yard!!

The ceremony space. Our pretty ribbons and greenery for the archway.
Friends getting everything set up. Signs, signs, signs. I think there are pictures of most of the signs except for the two that were out by the road!!
I love this one with the little flower bucket on it! Our guestbook! The fun guitar pics we had made. I don't know if I ever showed this either, but I stamped pages on the inside of the guestbook for people to write. I think they look cute.
Yay!! People signing the guestbook. And my hand made escort cards.
The programs that M put together. I think they turned out so pretty!
And of course our moveable shade!! We didn't really need it though.
The isle flowers on shepherd hooks.
And flower cones!!

It is amazing how everything came together. Not only how everything got set up, but how each individual item looked so good with all the other details!

All Photographs by Alyssa Jul Photography

Next up: Reception Details

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tiny Prints

I know so many of you are looking at buying your holiday cards soon, so I knew I had to share this deal for Tiny Prints.

If you haven't heard about Groupon, you should! Basically they feature something cool to do/buy at an unbeatable price every day, but you can only get the deal if enough people join (i.e. buy the deal) that day . . . so you need the group to get the good price! Anyway . . . it is pretty cool and they have sites for cities all over the country.

Today they are offering $50 worth of personalized Holiday Cards, Invitations and More for only $25 . . . kinda cool. There is a bit of fine print, but pretty easy to work around.
  • Expires 01/31/2010
  • Limit 1 per person.
  • Valid for online purchases only, not including photo books.
  • Due to the holiday, please allow 3-5 days to receive redemption code; use this code at check-out.
  • New clients only. Groupon will be invalid for existing customers.

Anyway . . . great deal if you want some holiday cards!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Some Details

Over the next few days I am going to share some of the details of our wedding. I am really all about the details so these are really special to me. So . . . here we go.

My umbrella, rings and some presents. This was just as it looked while we were getting ready.
Some ring pictures. I really like this one, but wish Alyssa had done it on one of the BR Cohn bottles (because that is the winery we got engaged!). Oh well.
Our rings with our programs. I really like this one cuz you see our new last name underneath (well, you don't see it . . . but I do!)
This is one of the girls bouquet.
We had corsages made for our important guests.

My pretty bouquet. I love that it is tied with burlap and lace!! Here was my inspiration. A pic of the pretty cufflinks we made. I don't think we ever shared that process . . . I will do that soon.
My flowers next to the farm equipment. I love the mix of dirty/old with feminine.
Here are the guys boutonnieres!! I loved them. With the leather, they are so masculine. My inspiration.
I love this shot of the guys coats hanging on the fence. So casual and such a great moment captured by Alyssa or possibly Corey on this one!

All Photos by Alyssa Jul Photography

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Some Funnies

These make me laugh so I had to share them.
I needed the Busch to get a bad taste out of my mouth . . . and the photographer caught it!! Nice to see a bride drinking out of the can.
uuhhh?? Well . . . at least they are having fun. Fun.
Not sure what was just said, but I am sure cracking up! Ha!

Ok . . . so the chiffon on my dress kept acting like a fly net or something. Bugs and flies kept getting stuck in between the layers of my dress. So this is Clayton, the best man, trying to get a fly out. He kept going up and up and all a sudden he was getting up into the lace. M's sister was the best at getting them out, but at least he tried!

All photos by Alyssa Jul Photography

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Other Kid Photos

So . . . I think kids are just too adorable. So here are some photos of our littlest and most precious guests! Toilet Paper binoculars.
This is my Mom's teacher friend Lori (a kindergarten teacher) that came to help entertain the kiddos. She read stories and make binoculars and had the kids go look for bugs . . . she was amazing. We got lots of compliments from parents and others at how good she was with the kids. I think she needs to start a new business! Babies playing with babies.

Me getting to meet one of our newborns. So cute!!

First two photos by Alyssa Jul Photography.

Up next: Some Funnies

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kids Vs. Flip Flops

So . . . you know how we had Dancing Shoes?? Well, the kids got to them before anyone else did! These totally make me laugh and made for some cute shots!!All the flip flops sitting nicely in their bucket!! Then they start to explore.
The kids are very excited about the shoes.
They want to take them all out!
And they accomplish their mission!!

Photos 1, 2, 4, and 5 by Alyssa Jul Photography all others by friends.

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