Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Small Details

So, I realized I really need to finish up showing you all the details of my wedding. It was now over 6 months ago, so I am behind the mark. I have a bunch of small details that I should be able to post quickly, so I will see what I can get out in this busy life of mine.

So . . . here is the first little detail. My mom and I bought fabric to make table squares, not runners, but cute little squares. I love all the fabric, which is good because I still have all of it to play with now.
Pretty huh?? You remember seeing it on the tables?
Just a bit of extra color! I love it! And good thing I guess.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Engagement Party Favors

Did I ever show you guys the favors I made for our engagement party?? I found the idea somewhere forever ago . . . it is just champagne flutes that we bought from IKEA, and then I filled them with Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Plus I made little tags with an olive branch stamp. I think they turned out cute!

Cute and not super expensive . . . gotta love it!