Friday, February 20, 2009

Thank God!!!

So . . . I talked a couple days ago about my bridesmaid dresses. I ordered them from a store down here is Southern California partially because of the price ($115), but also because I thought it would just be easier for me because I would be able to pick them up and get them to everyone and all that jazz. My other thought was to order them from a store up in Portland. There is no sales tax in Oregon, so I thought they might be cheaper. When I called the store up there they told me the dress was $175! That is a huge difference! They said they might be able to match my price and they would call me back. In the meantime I made my decision to order them down here. Well . . . now I am so glad I did. My mom sent me this article, titled "Bridal Shop Leaves Some Brides in a Bind." Please if you are getting married in Portland DO NOT order from Tres Fabu!!! Brides would pay for their dress, the store would tell brides everything was fine, but in reality they wouldn't have even ordered the dress!! I cannot even imagine going through this. Absolutely horrible. I am appalled!!

The article mentions checking with CitySearch and the Better Business Bureau before doing business with anyone. Especially anything for your wedding. It is the one day you want everything to go right!!! So girls . . . check with the Better Business Bureau!! And read this article and be upset!!!

(Image from KATU)

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Lindsey Lu said...

Yea, I'm really glad I didn't order our tuxes from them or my mom's dress, but I purchased my dress from them and had a really good experience with them. *Shrug* Found my dream dress at an amazing price (haven't seen it in ANY other store), it came in earlier than expected and in perfect condition. My sales-girl was wonderful too. BUT if I had seen this article before I probably wouldn't have even visited the shop in the first place.

It's a real shame if the news is right though and this was the case.

Oh well. I have my dress safe and sound in the closet of my mother's house and will be having my alterations done by a private seamstres. No worries for me.

Love your blog by the way. I'll have to check back. Can't wait to see how your wedding turns out!