Friday, February 6, 2009

My Inspiration

The inspiration for our wedding is coming mostly from the winery where we got engaged, BR Cohn Winery. They aren't only a winery, but they also make Olive Oil. Most of their bottles, wine and olive oil, have this neat design of olive branches on them. (Some have album covers of the Doobie Brothers!)

(Image from BR Cohn)

There are also obviously Olive Trees all over the winery. I captured a pic of some of the branches on the day M proposed! So pretty!

(My Image)

Now, I don't really have any artistic ability whatsoever. I am creative and crafty, but not artistic! The proof is below! I sent my friend Chris the label from BR Cohn, the branches from above, and a couple other olive branch pics that I found online. I drew him some ideas about what I thought I was looking for. Ok, the evidence.

(My image - although I wish it wasn't)

Chris sent back the following . . . isn't he wonderful?? And somehow he intrepreted my drawings . . . he really is amazing.

(Note from Chris)

(Images by Chris)

My favorite is this last one. I think I am going to get a custom stamp made and use it on invitations, plus in a few other places. Maybe stamps or table decor . . . I will figure it out.


kate said...

I have totally seen this style of woodcut graphic of an olive branch before but I can't remember where!

I feel like my mom has a platter or something with this kind of pattern! If I see it, I'll snap a photo of it to show you.

(P.S. Please tell me this is Chris Cl*****! ;))

PDX Bride said...

Oh course it is Chris C!!! Everytime I need something drawn I go straight to him!