Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Location Location Location

So, just after I got engaged the search for the perfect location for our wedding began. I knew I wanted to get married outside, but I wasn't too particular about where the reception would be. Also, I do have a budget, so some places I called and then never looked into again. So . . . here were the options.

Option #1: Britton Ridge B&B

Perfect Ceremony Site

And what more could you want when they have a wallaby? How about at $750 price tag! I would have to rent everything, but there were no restrictions on time or really anything. And it is run by a cute couple who have known each other since elementary school. Now that is just amazing!

This place was a little more expensive than we really wanted. 4K. It came with a ceremony site outside and an indoor ballroom with tables and chairs. Everything else would have to be rented.

I loved this site. An octagonal barn!! How awesome is that. And with looking at a wedding date of 8/8 this place seemed perfect. Nice and rustic, exactly what I was looking for. Although it was not without issues. Number 1, it could only hold 120, and we were looking for closer to 150 guests. Also, it was not available on 8/8. It was only open for the last weekend in August . . . which was a little too late for us! Too bad!

This was a wonderful site. Probably would be much better suited for an afternoon reception. You could either rent the Main House or the Stables. The big problem was that everyone could not be seated in the same place. In the main house they would be split between the deck and some of the indoor rooms, and the Stables everyone would be split up and downstairs. Not really what I wanted! Beautiful though. People would be able to walk the grounds, and there are some amazing places for pictures. Oh well!

Check out this amazing bridal suite!! There are actually two other rooms behind me!! What an amazing space to be able to spend the day with your bridesmaids getting ready! I absolutely love it! I am not sure if they suite makes up for the $4000 site fee that comes with nothing else. We would have to rent a tent, tables, chairs, etc. Fabulous though.

By the way we are going with Britton Ridge. I think it is going to be beautiful!


Tara said...

Oh such lovely venues to select from!

Britton Ridge looks so very pretty and charming. It will be beautiful! Congrats on making this big decision in the wedding planning!

Mo said...

It looks beautiful! And, I am in awe of the price tag. $750?? Incredible!