Monday, February 23, 2009


I play the banjo . . . ok, I used to play the banjo. It has been some time now since I have actually played regularly, or really played at all. But when I saw this, I just swooned.

(Image from Martha Stewart)

I am not sure why I would need this, but I wouldn't discourage it. I am planning on walking down the isle to banjo music (although I am not quite sure what song as of yet). I love the sound of the banjo. If I could figure out how to add this to my wedding, without much work or money, then I would probably do it, but somehow I doubt it would be that way. Oh well. Maybe I will just have to make mini chocolate banjos another time!


Victory Bird said...

haha, my finance decided to take up the banjo randomly two years ago! It's pretty hilarious because he is 'self-taught' meaning he just kinda strums along, but I definitely want to incorporate his beloved banjo into our engagement/wedding shots. How adorable would it be to have him in his wedding get-up with that banjo?! Have you considered brining it into your photos?

PDX Bride said...

I have pictures of me with my banjo in my senior portraits from high school. Not planning on having anything like that at the wedding (I would be afraid that people would want me to play - and I really dont know anything anymore). There will be a banjo there because I AM going to walk down the isle to banjo music, but I wasnt planning any pics. I am also planning on getting M a guitar . . . that I will give him at the wedding . . . so there will be pics of that!