Thursday, April 30, 2009

My guitar picks!

On my usual jaunt around the web I came across a very cool site. As I was admiring all the pretty things there I came across my own picks!!! Thanks JolieJolie for posting them!
And while I was there I borrowed some cute pictures of her fun invites . . . check them out.

(Image from JolieJolie)

Surprising Purchase

I just wanted to make mention that the mini bottles with cork I bought are actually really thick glass and a nice quality. I took a picture!!
So excited to use these!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

100 Days!

Just so you know . . . there is only 100 more days to our wedding. People keep saying, that sounds like a lot. What?!? I think it sounds like it is coming up too quick! Crazy.

Bridal Shower Dresses

It looks like I will have at least two Bridal Showers and I found two totally cute dresses that I had to have for these special occasions!!

Both are from Nordstroms and so are the pictures (1 & 2)

I feel like probably a lot of you have seen the purple one . . . it has been on a bunch of different blogs, the white one maybe not. Anyway . . . cute dresses make me even more excited for the bridal showers . . . makes everything more real or something. So much fun!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I love these Southern Style Treats that were on Style Me Pretty a few weeks ago. Not only are they cute, but practical, and fun! Everything that I love.
There are instructions for making your versions of these, which is always helpful. I think I am going to keep this in a file somewhere . . . it might come in handy for another party someday!! So cute.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Will you be my bridesmaid?

I guess I should talk about this because really it was one of the first things I did when I got engaged . . . Ask my bridesmaids to be my bridesmaids. I really wanted to do something cute to ask them, so I turned to Etsy to solve this dilemma!! I found these totally cute cards, by Dazzling Expressions:
The bridesmaid ones say "Name, I would love to have you by my side, will you be my bridesmaid?"

I also had some made for my two 13-year-old cousins who are going to be my hostesses. Those said "Name, I would love your assistance on my big day, will you be my hostess?"

And then of course we couldn't forget the Flower Girls!! Theirs said "Name, I would Love your sweet smile walking down the isle, will you be my flower girl?"

Crista was so helpful in personalizing these for me. She made them in "my colors" and exactly what I wanted them to say!! I think they are really cute, and I am really glad I had them made. I had to send most of them as I have one bridesmaid each in Missouri, Oregon, California, and Tennessee, plus one hostess in Chicago IL and one in Missouri, and of course the flower girls, but they are actually both in Missouri!! Anyway, if I was in a wedding I would love to get something like this, so totally happy!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Baby Quilt

So, for something non-wedding related . . . I made this baby quilt for some friends of mine. It is for a little girl (named Taylor). Her room is being painted blue with clouds . . . so, this is what I created.

I first created the design in Excel, and then cut and sewed everything . . . I think it turned out really cute.

I love babies, and I love making quilts, so I think this is such a fun gift for a new mom (or mom to be). Anyway . . . just thought I would share a random project!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I love this Wedding #8

Yay . . . another wedding I love. This is the wedding of Christy and Kevin that I found on the Knot. It just looks super casual and relaxed, which is exactly what we are looking for. Plus with the Olive Oil and the galvanized metal things, it is a lot like what we are already doing!!
Yay . . . galvanized metal buckets!!! These are super pretty . . . I would do something like this if I didn't think it would be super expensive.
Yay Olive Oil!
I like these little twig on the menu. Really give character to an otherwise very simple menu.
And the little pot of basil. Soooo cute . . . and a fun favor!! Too bad most of my guests are from out of town . . . not really practical in our situation!! Anyway . . . wasn't it a cute wedding!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wooden Invites

I made a comment on Oh So Beautiful Paper the other day . . . and then she did a whole post about it!! Check it out. It is about the beautiful wooden invitations below.

(Image from Stamp World Online)

These invites are from a wedding featured in Portland Bride & Groom . . . it is such a cute wedding, so you should check it out as well. Oh, and by the way you can buy these invites at Stamp World Online . . . you can also get save the dates, thank you cards, and all kinds of other wood products as well (like boxes and stamps!)

And a side note . . . so exciting to see my name on a wonderful blog like Oh So Beautiful Paper!!!

Invitations and so much more

Have you all seen what this amazingly creative woman over at Merriment created? Based purely on fabric, Karen created a whole design for her wedding. I wish I was that creative!!!!
Check all this stuff out . . . from invitations, to bridesmaid bags, to guest towels, to cake . . . everything. I love it so much.
The invitations are beautiful by themselves . . . but then programs, table numbers, seating cards . . .
And then . . . handbags, cake, ring pillow, guest towels . . . this is just too amazing for me. I wish I had a fabric that had inspired me this much. I would have loved to do something like this. So pretty!!
Oh, I love it way too much!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lee & Hamilton Invites

Have you all seen these invites?? They have been around for awhile, but I just really think they are so pretty. I wish my brain was this creative!!
She also made Thank you cards 1 and 2 , Rehearsal Dinner Invites, Programs, Favor Boxes, and Travel Packets! All the pictures are from the Lee & Hamilton Blog!!

Aren't they pretty??