Thursday, February 26, 2009

Amazing unexpected gift

In order to save money, M and I put a couple of our wine club memberships on hold (yes, we actually had multiple to put on hold). I either e-mailed or called and just told them the situation, trying to save money etc. etc., getting married blah blah blah. Most wrote back saying, "that's fine, we'll put your account on hold." A couple wrote back saying, "No problem, we'll do that. But just so you know we offer discounts on wine for weddings." Now that is something I like to hear. Sokol Blosser offers 25% off wine for weddings. And Esterlina offers 35%. This is exciting news for me. These are some of my favorite wineries! I get wine shipments from them every couple months for goodness sake! So, this is an amazing gift I stumbled upon, but the even bigger gift came in the mail a couple days later.
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Esterlina sent us two bottles of wine! Who would ever think that a winery would send you a gift? A winery is a business . . . did Target give you a gift when you registered there? Well, Crate and Barrel did, but I was sending business to them. I had just told Esterlina I wouldn't be giving them my business for at least 8 months! I was surprised/amazed/and so happy to see this gift in the mail. And I guess now I will be one of their wine club members for the rest of my life! You all should check them out, their wine is amazing, and if you ever find yourself in the Anderson Valley you should call them for a personal wine tasting. You sit up in the hills at the winery overlook the entire Anderson Valley. It is beautiful!! Thanks Esterlina.

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