Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Engagement Photos

Here are a few of our pics from the Engagement Shoot. Because this is basically a destination wedding, our photographer is up in Oregon. I really wanted to get some engagement photos taken, but didn't think M and I would be able to get up to Oregon together before we would actually need our Engagement photos (I want to make some Save the Date Magnets, and a photo is needed). Anyway, we decided to find a local photographer just for our Engagement Photos, which is actually kind of fun because they will represent this part of our lives (our life in Southern California). We got the pictures taken in San Juan Capistrano, which was beautiful, and we really enjoyed our time with Janel from Focus Photography. I have a bunch of other photos . . . maybe I will put some of them up another time!

This last picture with "BUMP" on the road. I actually had Janel remove that from the photo . . . it looks a lot better now!!

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holly p said...

your pictures turned out really cute!