Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I am so Lucky

I am so lucky. I know so many wonderful people that are helping with my wedding. My brothers girlfriend, Deanna, has offered to do my hair (as well as my bridesmaids and probably my moms hair) . . . I am hoping that she will help me with my makeup as well. My Maid-of-Honors mom, Nani, has already been helping my mom with the planning and I think she is basically going to be my wedding day coordinator, making sure the reception tables are set up and look pretty and all that. A friend of the family, Sue, is going to be helping with all the flowers, bouquets, boutonnieres, etc. She used to work at a flower shop, so she knows how to make everything look pretty! As you saw earlier, my friend Chris drew me a bunch of Inspirational images. A friend of M's and mine is going to play guitar at the ceremony, he owns the store where M and I met and he is a great guitarist. And last, but not least, my Aunt Martha is going to be our officiant! She actually is an officiant at weddings quite regularly, so we are really excited that she agreed to do ours as well.

I really am just so lucky!! And I am so glad to have all these wonderful people in my life. There are obviously many others who have been helping as well (my mom, my bridesmaids, etc), but I just wanted to make a special note to these people who are providing a service that they could be charging me a small fortune for! Have I mentioned that I am so lucky??

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