Thursday, February 5, 2009


I love pictures. I love photography. I love looking at all the wonderful photos on all the blogs. To me photography is one of the most important elements at a wedding. First, pictures are what you get to take home from your wedding. They are your memories. They are how you are going to remember the escort cards you spent weeks deciding on as well as making, your guests smiling faces, all the small details that you have been searching all over the Internet to find. Plus, you are going to be spending the entire day with the photographers. You will probably spend more time with them they you will your husband!!! So, not only do they have to be good at what they do, but they have to be personable and match your personality. No one wants someone with them all day if they don't actually like them! No fun at all.

I looked at about 100 websites of photographers in Portland. Just looking for styles that I like. I am not into the artsy photos as much as the detail photos and the ones of people. I made a list of the ones I really liked (side note: I noticed that all my favorites were females - must have a similar focus). Next I cut out the ones that were way over my budget as well as the ones that didn't offer all the photos on CD for me to own. I want my photos and I want all of them!!

I met with three women.

Option #1: Erin Grace

(Image from Erin Grace)

Erin is totally sweet. I knew I could get along with her all day. The only downfall for me was that she was the only photographer. I love the pics of the boys getting ready, and with only one photographer, I wasn't sure how she would be able to get pics of me and pic of M getting ready. No fun

Option #2: L Wedding Photography

(Image from Leah Nash)

Leah is also super nice. Plus she studied photo journalism from the college that M and I went to, The University of Missouri - Columbia. Mizzou is known for having a really good journalism school. Leah also took really nice photos, I didn't click with her quite as much as Erin, but still super sweet. She also had something I really want. It is a way to mount photos oh wood, rather than framed or canvas. It is a really cool, kind of rustic and unusual way to display photography. I will tell you more about it later.

Option #3: Alyssa Jul Photography

(Image by Alyssa Jul)

Alyssa is just super sweet! Not only was she within my budget with everything I want, I just knew she would be fun to have around all day. She works with her husband, which I think is really cute. Apparently she does most of the "professional" photos, while he does most of the detail shots. It was really neat because she would show us basically the same photo, but one would be of the whole image and one would be a close up shot of the brides bouquet behind her back, just holding it naturally. He catches the unnoticed moments! I love it. Also, it would be really nice to have a guy with the guys getting ready.

M and I decided to go with Alyssa Jul. I am really excited to get to work with her. I just chatted with her the other day and next time I am in Portland we are going to get together to schedule the day. Hopefully she will have more incite into what is supposed to happen, because I am still not sure I do!

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Rachel said...

looks like you made a good choice with the photos -it's such a hard decision, isn't it.