Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Ring

So . . . I love my ring! I was pretty specific with M about what I like and what I wanted. And I must say this ring fits all the requirements! It had to NOT have prongs, check. I liked being able to see the whole diamond (which normally it needs to be pronged in order to see the whole thing), check. And I didn't want it to stick up so high, like I didn't want it to get caught on things, check. What can I say I am a practical bride. Well, M picked a beautiful ring.

(Image from Movado)

The Movado diamonds are perfect. The Movado diamonds have 114 facet cuts compared to "Regular" diamonds which have about 58. All the extra cuts make the ring sparkle so much more. Who doesn't love sparkly?? Also, it is platinum. Now, I didn't really have a preference about the metal of the ring. If I had to choose I probably would have chosen white gold, but that is just because I am frugal and it tends to be a bit cheaper. Although . . . I have been searching for wedding bands, and all the jewelers I have visited have told me that the cost of platinum is low right now. Gold is almost the same price . . . so good time to buy! If you haven't felt a platinum ring, you should. It is heavy! Much more than you would expect. I kind of like that it feels substantial! Also, the ring came with all this cool info. Like a Gem print. Have you heard of this? Apparently it is like a fingerprint, but for a diamond. Only my diamond has that print. Kinda cool!

(image example from Zales)

Anyway, I love it. Here is one more pic for the road!

(image from Focus Photography)


holly p said...

gorgeous ring! i love that you can see the side of it!

PDX Bride said...

Thats my favorite part!!

Shirley said...
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