Monday, February 16, 2009

Finally we have Bridemaid Dresses!!!

So, I have been looking at Bridesmaid dresses for awhile now. And of course there are lots of issues. First, non of my bridesmaids live anywhere near each other. One is in Tennessee, one in Missouri, one in Portland, Oregon, and one in California (with me). Second, they are all different body types, which I guess isn't completely unusual, but I have one that is very well endowed in the chest area which means we have to make sure she can get a dress that will fit those babies in as well as straps so she can get the proper support! Very important as all us girls know!! My biggest problem is that I tend to like strapless dresses and there really aren't as many strapped dresses out there (what is that about anyway?). Third, they are all way over priced. I don't think it is ok to ask these ladies to shell out $200+ for a dress. I was really trying to keep the dresses in the $150 range at the highest!!

So this dress that I finally found is strapless but the bridal salon said it would be super easy to add straps. Here it is:

(Images by Mori Lee)

I love that this image is in the actual dress color. Chocolate brown! The only difference is that I am going to have a sage green sash (removable). I hate to say it but I really do think this could be worn again. It is not so bridesmaidy that you couldn't wear it to another wedding, or date night with the boy. I don't know, I think it is prefect! Plus, the best part, it was only $115!! Now we all know that that is a big lie too. You end up paying for shipping, extra fabric, sales tax, or $30 more for any dress over a size 18 (which in real sizes is about a 14 - aka not that big). Oh well, I think it is still a good deal compared to $265 before all the extra whatnot!

Here are some of the others I looked at. I was trying to find some that came in similar designs but one with straps and one in strapless so the girls could choose. And there are some others that I just liked!

(Images by Watters)

(Images by Watters and Mori Lee)

(Image from Alfred Angelo)

I was very interested in this last one because it was also only $115! But the girl at the store was very honest and mentioned that you could see everything in the dress (very clingy), so we decided against it!

Anyway, I think we got the perfect dress! I am very happy with it, so I hope the girls will get their deposits in soon so I wont have to worry about it anymore. Man it feels good to get things off the "To-Do" list!!


bridechic said...

Bridesmaids will actually wear these gemmies again

PDX Bride said...

I sure hope they do!!!

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

love it!