Friday, July 31, 2009

Hitchin' Post

I saw this on Style Me Pretty today . . . a very cute sign that says "Hitchin' Post" . . . humm . . . way too cute!! I put a little red circle around it in case you might miss it!!


We are going to. . . . .

I am super excited!!! We are doing a 7 day cruise stopping in Juneau, Sitka, and Ketchikan Alaska and then Victoria BC!! I know we are going to the sled dog camp for a shore excursion but we aren't sure yet what else we want to do. Well, I really want to go Ocean fishing, but it is over $250 per person, so I am not sure that is in the budget. I am hoping people might buy us Onboard Credit on our ship as a wedding present, but I don't know at this point!!

Then, once we get back we are driving back home to SoCal, camping along the way. I think we are going to stay for 4 days at Jedediah Smith State Park, probably my most favorite camp grounds ever!! I am looking forward to sitting next to a river or stream and just reading. Should be super relaxing!!

So, anyway . . . I am so excited about the wedding and the honeymoon . . . the only hard part is packing . . . a weeks worth of 80+ weather in Oregon before the wedding, coldish in Alaska, but formal wear needed for the cruise, then a weeks worth of camping so jeans and t-shirts!! Now that is some crazy packing. I already started, but now I am worried I am forgetting something, or don't have nice complete outfits!! Oh well.

(Image from Cardcow)

I'm on my way

I am leaving tomorrow to go up to Oregon for my wedding!!! I am taking the whole week off so I can finish all the odds and ends and then start in with the wedding activities (shower, bachelorette party, welcome to town dinner, rehearsal dinner, etc.)! I have scheduled a bunch of blogs, a lot of stuff I didn't want people to see before the wedding, like gifts. Anyway . . . hope you enjoy them until I am back with hopefully some pictures of the wedding and maybe even some fun honeymoon pictures as well!!

Wish me luck, and a non-stressful week!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Escort Cards

So I have been working on my escort cards . . . and I think they are really cute. This was my original inspiration . . . and mine are very very similar . . .
(Image from Snippet & Ink)
Here are mine . . .

They are polka-dot vellum over an olive branch print from Paper-Source. Plus some pretty brown and white bakers twine. Of course they are going to be hung up with mini clothes pins!! And you want to see what they will be hanging on?? It's a very cool stand . . . made with old fence wood and chicken wire!

Pretty huh?? Getting more excited by the moment. Just need to finish the last few cards for a few surprise guests!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sad News

So, I haven't really mentioned this because, well, it makes me want to cry (or sometimes actually cry). But, my Dad is not going to be able to walk me down the isle. If you remember a long time ago he was having surgery on his Achilles. Well, it still is not really healed - there have been a few set backs, so he is not supposed to be putting weight on that foot. I know it is not his fault, but it still makes me sad. I think every girl imagines her Dad walking her down the isle. The last person she is alone with before going to get married. So, my visions about this . . . have been taken away. (ok, lets try not to cry!!) I guess the plan now is to have either my brother, or my Mom walk me most of the way down the isle, pass me off to my Dad and he will walk me the last 4 or 5 steps up to M. So, I guess I wont be missing out on everything. Like visions of this . . .
So cute!! Anyway . . . still a little unsure about the father-daughter dance as well. Again, every little girl wants this:
and this . . .
I guess we will just have to see how it goes!

(Images from 1. Alyssa Jul 2. Valls Photographic 3. Flickr 4. Terry Clark Weddings )

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hair Trial #2

When I was home over 4th of July weekend, Deanna and I had a second hair trial . . . and I think this one is a winner!!

The inspiration:

(Images from 1. Sara Grey Photography, 2. In This Instance, 3. In this Instance)

The final product:
Pretty huh??

(Pics by my Mom)

Much better than the first hair trial huh?? I still like the first look, but I like this one better!!

Here are some more pics . . . me with curly hair and Deanna working hard!! So much fun!! Can't believe how close I am!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

To Do List Update #5

These are probably really boring for you guys but they are really helping me to stay organized and get things done, so just skip by if you don't care!! (I wont hold it against you!)

1. Create and Print programs (paper, print, cut, put together) ME
2. Order Beer
3. Put favors together ( put in bottles, seal with wax, add sticker) MOM & Carolyn
4. OOT bags, everything else that is needed (snacks, put together)
5. Create Music List, send to DJ , ME

6. Create Seating Chart ME - almost done
7. Gifts for people helping (2nd Reader, childcare)
8. Stamp guestbook, add lines
9. Schedule of the day,
send to vendors ME - almost done
10. Collect coolers for wine!

11. Assign jobs for day of ME
12. Finish escort cards ME - almost done
13. Figure out what I want ceremony musicians to play
14. Find Readings for Ceremony ME and MARSH
15. Cut ribbon for archway ME and MOM
16. Cake topper
17. Make Signs for reserved seats at ceremony, for flip flops, drink choices ME
18. Print Vows on something pretty (calligrapher), nice writing on Marriage License - To Do in OR
19. Write toasts for wedding and rehearsal
20. 2 bibs, 2 baby hats, print and add design
21. Wrap gifts (groomsmen, bridesmaids, people helping, family)
22. Find and write cards for our families
23. Card for M to open when he is getting ready
24. Details from Florist, add flowers for moms
25. Bachelorette Party Favors
26. Photo sharing stuff
27. Finalize Details for rehearsal dinner

  • Favors for rehearsal dinner (chocolate, make) - To Do in OR
  • Directions from B&B to my parents house, print for everyone, bring to rehearsal
  • Shop for food/alcohol for dinner - To Do in OR

28. Little stuff needed

  • 2 trash cans

  • VIP

    I wanted to make "reserved" signs for my parents and M's parents for the ceremony, but I didn't want them to be the traditional "boring" signs . . . so I made these cute flowers!!

    Aren't they cute?? I added some ribbon so they could be easily attached to the chairs at the reception. I think I still need to make a couple of the "boring" signs for readers and grandparents, but at least there is something special for the parents!!

    Friday, July 24, 2009


    Because we are getting married in Oregon I knew we had to have some local microbrews at the wedding!! M, of course, is not from Oregon, so we had to take him tasting all over the city.

    We hit
    1. Lompoc
    2. Hopworks
    3. Laurelwood
    4. Alameda
    5. Rogue
    6. Deschutes

    (we missed Amnesia and Widmer , because they were closed, and decided we had some good ones picked out so we decided not to go to a couple others)

    Here are some fun pictures of the day (not sure how we got some many with eyes closed - I promise we really weren't drinking that much!!
    Deanna, my brother's girlfriend and M.
    My brother looking fabulous!!
    Another fabulous shot!
    All I can say is . . . "Wow!"

    Oh so cute!

    It was such a fun day, and we did make some decisions on beer!!! Lompoc C-Note and either Hopworks Organic Hub Lager or Laurelwood Mother Lode Golden (whichever is less expensive). If any of you ever make it to Portland, be sure to check out some of these microbrews!! One we all loved was Hopworks Double IPA (too bad it didn't come in a keg!!) Anyway . . . we are so close now, I can't even believe it!

    Thursday, July 23, 2009

    I love this Wedding #10

    A long time ago I shared Youn's invitations with you because I loved them so much, so it is not super surprising that I also totally loved her wedding.
    Her custom ties
    Very familiar look from her invites
    Pretty purple flowers
    If I wasn't having the groomsmen wear flipflops then I would have made them get cute socks!!!
    I love the purple dresses with the pink shoes.
    Does anyone recognize these dresses by the way??
    Yay . . . cute couple!

    Super sweet hair pieces!!
    Super cute favor boxes. Love the purple love the lace.

    Isn't that just such a super cute wedding. I would love to have my wedding featured on Style Me Pretty . . . I do dream though. All these pics were taken from Style Me Pretty, 1, 2, 3.