Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I {Heart} Olive Oil Favors!

I have talked to you guys a couple times about my Olive Designs and my Jars to make Olive Oil Favors. When I originally came up with the idea to make them I thought it was a totally original and fun idea for favors. Then I started looking around online and realized my idea had been used hundreds of times before! Oh well, I guess great minds think alike!! Plus, look at all the fun pictures of how cute they are!!!
BR Cohn Olive Oil!!! I would love to be able to use the Oil from the Winery that is the leading inspiration for my wedding . . . the place we got engaged! It is a little above my budget!! Oh well. Still pretty.
Don't you guys love them?? We haven't started putting the favors together yet, but hopefully some weekend this summer we will work on that! So cute!

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