Monday, May 18, 2009

Tips for the best man

In an e-mail newsletter from New & Blue, I found a cheat-sheet for best man speeches. I thought it was some pretty nice guidelines so I thought I would share. Personally I want tons of speeches at my wedding. Best Man, Maid of honor, all the bridesmaids, all the groomsmen, parents, anyone else who wants to talk. I just feel like it is a great way to learn a little more about everyone . . . I love it. Anyway . . . her is the advice . . .

Open the speech

Okay, duh. But some guys may be so nervous they'll forget something basic like introducing themselves. The Best Man should make sure to let everyone know who he is and why he's special enough to be standing there (or, you know, just how he knows the Groom).

Give thanks to others

It's always nice to thank those involved in the wedding, including other attendants, the couple's parents (since they're probably footing the bill for the party!), and family and friends.
Unsettle the Groom

This is where everyone gets hooked, anticipating the embarrassing stories that only a best pal is privy to.

Give thanks on behalf of the bridesmaids

As a true gentleman, the Best Man should thank the Groom for any gestures he's made of gratitude toward his wife's friends.

Congratulate the couple

Although this is a necessary component of a celebratory speech, we're sure the couple, who has heard "Congratulations!" on a repeating loop for hours, would like to hear a funny or original version this time around. Get creative!

Admire the Bride

Again, this is a chance to prove chivalry isn't dead. Of course, that doesn't mean some good-natured teasing of the groom (How did he snag someone so gorgeous?) isn't in order.

Put in some humorous anecdotes

Here's where it gets fun, with stories of the buddies' past shenanigans, the folly of their youth, and bonding moments. Audiences also love to hear stories about the couple, like how they met and how the Best Man noticed the Groom falling in love.

Ridicule the Groom

Everyone loves a good roast, but considering the occasion, some things are probably best left alone: bodily functions and past relationships, to name a few.

Get serious

Genuine sincerity adds heart to the speech - love, pride, admiration, and/or appreciation for the Groom and the couple should be expressed, as hard as it is for dudes to talk about feelings.

Offer some advice

Whether it comes from personal experience or a women's magazine article, the tips can be serious or funny. (Don't go to bed angry - just stay up all night to argue!)

Read some messages

If anyone couldn't be there, the Best Man can act as a messenger of congrats. Famous quotes or poems also fit in here.

Close the speech

Hopefully the speech hasn't drawn on for two long; best to wrap it up before people start nodding off! Especially because we all know everyone just wants to get to...

Propose a toast


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