Friday, May 1, 2009

My Mom is on a mission

So . . . I love these slices of wood as cake stands . . . have you guys seen them?? They seem to be becoming more and more popular. I first one I found was actually was one of the first pictures I ever put in the "Wedding Ideas - Keep File" and I actually love this whole wedding. I knew I wanted it from the very beginning!! So pretty.
Since October, when I found this first one, I have found a bunch more . . . and I am still loving them.

(Image by Tanja Lippert via Green Wedding Shoes)

(Image from Martha Stewart)

(Image by Heather Forsythe via Style Me Pretty)

My Mom apparently knows a guy who can get us something like that . . . a tree guy I guess. If it works out I will be so excited!! YAY!!

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Amanda said...

Wooden cake stands are the best. Very "Oregon" too!