Friday, May 22, 2009

Dress shopping 2

I went on a bunch of dress shopping experiences by myself . . . one was Saks. The wouldn't let me take any pics with the dresses on, but I snapped a few shots once they were off.

I love the beaded flower belt on this dress. So pretty.

Now this dress . . . was pretty amazing . . . and it should . . . it had a $15,000 price tag. Don't worry I budget is not that high. I actually didn't even know the dress was that much when I asked to try it on. I think the only reason that the sales woman actually let me try it on was because I was there by myself. I guess she figured I was pretty serious about my purchase because I didn't bring a posse with me!!
You can see why it cost so much though . . . there were tiny flowers, with pearl beads in the center, all over the dress. I am sure it took forever to make.
Here is a pic of the dress on the cover of Brides New York!! I can't quite remember but I think it was an Ocsar de la Renta!


Heather said...

Have you visited Portland Style I saw that you commented on their LA site ... well, they have a PDX site, too! :)

PDX Bride said...

I didn't know about that site . . . I will have to check it out!!!

Josie @ said...

You could get a $15,000 dress for almost half the cost if you were to buy it preowned. Its worth taking a look because you and find your dream dress and not break the bank.

PDX Bride said...

Half of $15K is still more than quadruple my budget for a dress!!!