Monday, May 11, 2009


I told you all awhile back that I loved the look of chalkboards at weddings. Well, my mom has been going to Michaels every week or so to buy a couple of these chalkboards (with coupons) so that we can use them as table numbers.

(Images by my Mom!)

We are also looking for a slightly bigger one for the bar menu and another for a note at the guest book table. Then we are also looking for a really large one to do the dinner menu on! I am really excited about all of this!! Plus, you get to see a cute picture of the kitten my brother and I got my mom for her last birthday. You can't really tell now, but that kitten is going to get big! She is a Maine Coon, and they can get to be gigantic . . . check the link to some pictures . . . it is amazing!!

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