Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wedding Day Timeline, First Draft

The last time I was up in Portland I met with Alyssa Jul, our photographer, to do a wedding day timeline, for photos. This is the plan so far.

11:30 Alyssa arrives
2:00 Cat and Marshall meet
3:00 wedding party
4:00 family
4:30 done with photos
Photo of the guests on the lawn with wedding party in front
Photos of extended family
Cat with everyone 6 feet or taller (this is no joke . . . I am going to have a picture of me and everyone over 6 feet tall!!!)
Cat and Marshall sign their marriage license
Enter Reception

I will obviously have a more detailed one in the near future . . . but this is a nice beginning!! And wont it be nice to have a big group photo of all my guests?? . . . like this one!!

(Image from Style Me Pretty)