Friday, May 29, 2009

The Wedding Drama

There was a bit of drama at the wedding in St Louis. Doesn't really look like it though, does it? This is what M and I looked like at the ceremony. Well, you can't tell in this pic, but the entire left side of my dress is safety pinned up. Right as the ceremony was starting I realized my zipper had broken, and was splitting open. By the time the bride was walking down the isle, the entire side of my dress was open!! I ran out the back when the ceremony started and luckily the church had a coordinator who had a ton of safety pins. So I pinned up my entire dress and came back in to see the rest of the ceremony. Here are some awkward photos of my pinning job.
Normally I am not a big fan of weddings where the ceremony is at 3 pm and the reception is at 7 pm, because out of town guests have to figure out what to do with 3 hours in the middle of the day. Well, in this case, it definitely worked out in my favor!! We went shopping!! I found a pretty nice dress, I actually got complements on it all night!! I would always reply "oh, let me tell you a story!" Here is a pic of the new dress, although you cant see much of it! Luckily everything worked out in the end!!!

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