Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Madness has begun

Have I mentioned that we have 7 other weddings to go to this year plus our own??? Well, we do. And it is really hard because they are all such important people. Two were college roommates of M, one my college roommate, 2 are really close high school friends, the 1 a current co-worker of mine, and the last one a co-worker of Ms. Out of those three are in Missouri, 2 in Oregon, and 2 in SoCal. Which means a lot of traveling as well.

Anyway . . . we went to the first one of these 7 weddings this a couple weekends ago. I just thought I would share a couple of their sweet details. The theme was a country horse theme, so a pretty fun theme!! Enjoy.
This was of course one of our traveling trips!! Good old St Louis!!
They had cowboy boot bubbles . . . I forgot to take a pic, so I found this one here.
Their getaway car was a giant truck . . . so them I must say!!
Cute horseshoe napkins!!
Their cake topper totally fit the theme . . . and totally fit the couple!! I think it is super cute!
The whole cake was pretty too!
They had two frames filled with childhood pictures. I would really like to do something similar. I think it is really sweet. The only thing I might add it a third frame with pictures of us!!
Someone had a larger version of the cake topper made up as a gift. I am not sure if this was a something the couple had made just for them, or if it is a famous sculpture, but I think it is pretty cool.
The tossed bouquet. Of course I got dragged up to catch the bouquet. I can't decide if I am going to do it at my own wedding or not. All of the single women who end up ready to catch the bouquet don't really want it. All of the women who were up there with me where saying "Bride" toss it to the left, no the right . . . I was like oh just let me have it, I know I am next!!! So here it is. Plus, you can see the wedding favors as well!
Here is a fun picture of the dance floor. It was a fun night. Check out tomorrow, I will tell you about the drama!!!

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