Friday, July 10, 2009

Friends Invites

I realized that I shared a couple weddings, but didn't show your their invites . . . and seeing that the weddings are over I don't need to worry about taking out addresses or anything. I wonder if you can match the invite to the wedding . . . oh you can!! Trust me!

First, this one I wasn't able to go to . . . so sad! This was actually just a reception. They got married in Vegas awhile back. Still a cute invite though!
Second, Ted and Julie's Wedding. I don't have their RSVP, cuz I sent it back before I took the pictures. Oh well. I really like the liners though! Plus, I think it totally goes with their country theme.

Third, Abby and Chris's Wedding. Abby got to design her invites because her dad runs a printing company. I don't think they normally do wedding invites, but they turned out well. The pocketfold was actually the envelope, so our address was right on the back on the invite. Really nice if you are trying to save paper!!

Anyway . . . photos by me! I know I have at least two more invites coming in the next few weeks . . . very exciting!

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