Friday, July 31, 2009


We are going to. . . . .

I am super excited!!! We are doing a 7 day cruise stopping in Juneau, Sitka, and Ketchikan Alaska and then Victoria BC!! I know we are going to the sled dog camp for a shore excursion but we aren't sure yet what else we want to do. Well, I really want to go Ocean fishing, but it is over $250 per person, so I am not sure that is in the budget. I am hoping people might buy us Onboard Credit on our ship as a wedding present, but I don't know at this point!!

Then, once we get back we are driving back home to SoCal, camping along the way. I think we are going to stay for 4 days at Jedediah Smith State Park, probably my most favorite camp grounds ever!! I am looking forward to sitting next to a river or stream and just reading. Should be super relaxing!!

So, anyway . . . I am so excited about the wedding and the honeymoon . . . the only hard part is packing . . . a weeks worth of 80+ weather in Oregon before the wedding, coldish in Alaska, but formal wear needed for the cruise, then a weeks worth of camping so jeans and t-shirts!! Now that is some crazy packing. I already started, but now I am worried I am forgetting something, or don't have nice complete outfits!! Oh well.

(Image from Cardcow)

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