Monday, July 13, 2009

To Do List Update #4

Yay . . . another update, things are slowly moving along!!!

1. Finalize Transportation
2. Finalize Flowers (bouquets and boutonnieres)
3. Create and Print programs (paper, print, put together)
4. Put favors together (purchase olive oil, purchase wax, dry rosemary, put oil and rosemary in bottles, seal with wax)
5. Order/buy the rest of the alcohol (Oregon red and white)
6. Order jam for OOT bags, and everything else that is needed (snacks, brochures)
7. Create Music List, send to DJ
8. Buy hairpiece - decided to use a real flower
9. Make cones for tossing (cut, put together, add ribbon)

10. Sew bag for Deanna
11. Make "Wedding" signs (MOM!)
12. Create Seating Chart
13. Make table squares (MOM!)
14. Gifts for people helping (2nd Reader)
15. Stamps for guest book
16. Glasses for Mom
17. Petticoats for Flower Girl dresses
18. Make veil (cut, sew)
19. List of events for bridal party
20. Schedule of the day for vendors
21. Collect coolers for wine!
22. Assign jobs for day of
23. Finish escort cards
24. Figure out what I want ceremony musicians to play
25. Finalize details about honeymoon (I will tell you more later)
26. Find Readings for Ceremony
27. Ring Bearer outfit
28. Ribbon for archway and tall tables
29. Cake topper
30. Make Signs for reserved seats at ceremony, for flip flops, drink choices
31. Print Vows on something pretty (veneer, print)
32. Write toasts for wedding and rehearsal
33. Obtain Marriage License (fill out application and send back, receive actual marriage license)

34. Finalize Details for rehearsal dinner

  • Favors for rehearsal dinner (chocolate, molds, make)
  • Insert for invites
  • Send out invites
  • Directions from B&B to my parents house, print for everyone, bring to rehearsal
  • Shop for food/alcohol for dinner

35. Little stuff needed

  • 3 trash cans

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    Abbie said...

    YAY! You're getting so much done! I used an awesome program for seating arrangements and table layouts...

    Worth checking out!