Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm on my way

I am leaving tomorrow to go up to Oregon for my wedding!!! I am taking the whole week off so I can finish all the odds and ends and then start in with the wedding activities (shower, bachelorette party, welcome to town dinner, rehearsal dinner, etc.)! I have scheduled a bunch of blogs, a lot of stuff I didn't want people to see before the wedding, like gifts. Anyway . . . hope you enjoy them until I am back with hopefully some pictures of the wedding and maybe even some fun honeymoon pictures as well!!

Wish me luck, and a non-stressful week!!


mommara said...

Oh yea! Congrats. I have loved reading your blog these last few weeks. I know everything will be amazing and can't wait to read/see pictures of the recaps!

PDX Bride said...

Hey, thanks so much! We are getting so excited now!!

just make jam said...

congrats for finally making it to the big day. i've loved reading along the way! i hope the big day is just as amazing as you hope for!

and great pick on alaska :) one of my first choices!

Gaynor said...

Good luck for the big day - looking forward to seeing your pics and re-caps too. Have a fabulous honeymoon in Alaska too! x