Monday, July 13, 2009

Remember my shoes?

Do you guys remember my shoes???? White, peep toe, tiny kitten heal?? Well . . . they have changed a bit.
Yes, they are purple!! We had them died at an old shoe repair shop in oldtown Beaverton. They basically took the whole shoe apart, died it and then put it back together. Pretty amazing. Anyway . . . I love them even more then I did originally did. I can't decide if I want a little shoe clip or something on the front to glam them up a bit or not.

Here are my mom's pretties:

She put them in the plants . . . cute though huh?? I told her if she didn't want them after the wedding I would totally wear them all the time!!

And here they are together . . . love fun shoes . . . and glad my mom is on the bandwagon!!


Abbie said...

You could find some clip-on earrings at a thrift shop that would be perfect for embellishment! Love the color!!

mommara said...

Please please please tell me where you got your shoes. My bff is on the hunt and these are super cute. She is wanting tourquoise. I not so easy color to find we have found out. Thanks.

Bridechka said...

I am absolutely in love with your shoes!