Friday, July 3, 2009

Dress Appt #3

Onto my third dress appointment . . . this is the first time my mom wasn't able to come along . . . so my Maid of Honors Mom came along instead. She and my mom are how I met Sara in the first place, so everyone already new each other. There we are few confused brides at the shop though . . . the Hawaiian Mama (my MOH Mom) didn't look very much like the tall white girl (me!). Fun times. Here are the fun pictures.
You can see some other brides in for alterations . . . yay for "bridal season!" One of the poor girls that came in apparently now hates her dress . . . I cannot even imagine, what a horrible nightmare! I guess that really can't happen to me at this point . . . I have gotten to decide every feature of my dress!
We finalized the neckline and fixed the straps a bit. I keep getting more and more excited every fitting. (you can see another bride in the background - she loved her dress!)

One last dress picture . . . hanging so . . . not nicely! Still moving along nicely. All photos by Nani!!

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