Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My beautiful furture Mother-in-Law

I went to Missouri a couple weeks ago for my college roommates wedding (I will share some pictures next week). On the Sunday following the wedding I went shopping with my future Mother-in-Law and my future Grandmother-in-Law. My future Sister-in-Law was also supposed to join, but she ended up having to work. Anyway . . . it was such a fun trip. The two women cracked me up all day, sharing stories (some I cannot even share with my fiance'), picking on each other, just general merriment! People who have problems with their MILs are missing out. Mine is such a mom, and so sweet, and just all around wonderful!! Plus I think we found her a really nice dress. She is tiny, so I new everything would fit, but she was just a little worried about showing off the right assets and hiding some others. Anyway . . . here it is!
Doesn't she look good!! Amazing!
I heard from both her husband as well as the future SIL that she was just so excited about her dress. Just giddy and smiling. I am so glad we found her something that she is so comfortable in!

Here is me and FMIL and MGIL . . . luckily I have long monkey arms so I can take such cute pictures like this!!

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