Friday, July 24, 2009


Because we are getting married in Oregon I knew we had to have some local microbrews at the wedding!! M, of course, is not from Oregon, so we had to take him tasting all over the city.

We hit
1. Lompoc
2. Hopworks
3. Laurelwood
4. Alameda
5. Rogue
6. Deschutes

(we missed Amnesia and Widmer , because they were closed, and decided we had some good ones picked out so we decided not to go to a couple others)

Here are some fun pictures of the day (not sure how we got some many with eyes closed - I promise we really weren't drinking that much!!
Deanna, my brother's girlfriend and M.
My brother looking fabulous!!
Another fabulous shot!
All I can say is . . . "Wow!"

Oh so cute!

It was such a fun day, and we did make some decisions on beer!!! Lompoc C-Note and either Hopworks Organic Hub Lager or Laurelwood Mother Lode Golden (whichever is less expensive). If any of you ever make it to Portland, be sure to check out some of these microbrews!! One we all loved was Hopworks Double IPA (too bad it didn't come in a keg!!) Anyway . . . we are so close now, I can't even believe it!


Catrina & Randy said...

How fun! Any good recommendations of places that we should check out?

San said...

My fiance is from Oregon and introduced me to the deliciousness of Rogue so good! I'm all about the microbrews at weddings! Yum!