Thursday, July 9, 2009

My first Shower

So, I had my first shower a couple weeks ago at work. It took me awhile to get the actual pictures because we had to use a work camera (not my own) and then I had to edit out some stuff, peoples names, anything that had my employers name (I am not sure if I needed to do that or not, but just didn't want to get in trouble!!

The shower was hosted by my senior manager who I love. She is super sweet and did such a cute job getting everything together. So nice of her. Obviously she was doing it out of her own kindness and I am just so grateful. So . . . here are some fun pics!!
My e-mail invite
I made these little thank-you plants that looked super cute, but almost all died the next day. Oh well, decorations I guess!
I used by little tag punch for the tags and hand stamped each one with letter stamps.

Each table setting. Plant, with the little bag of almonds and silverware.

Flowers from another managers yard along with my save the date and invite - I guess you get to see a little more of the invite here . . . I am going to show you everything at some point here!
Our sign (on a computer of course) . . . it is work
Pretty cake!
This punch was wonderful. I would totally recommend it for a mock-tail . . . it had pineapple juice in it, which normally I hate, but this was fabulous!
The yummy food, sandwiches, salad, fruit. All yummy!
The table all set up.
My presents . . . yay Crate & Barrel
All the guests.
Oh wait, more guests.
Playing games. Marie had a famous couple game, where you had to list the famous partner to whomever was listed on the list (Romeo and Juliet, Sara Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, etc.) She also had another game with cups of spices and you had to guess what the spice was just based on smell. I did pretty good, although I mixed up clove, allspice and one other.
Cookbook stand! Oh I love this!
Olive branch napkin holder . . . fits right in with my theme, huh?
Red pie pan! I love red.
Me and the cake.
Marie and I!

Olive Branch napkin holder in use at my birthday!

Anyway . . . I really enjoyed my little shower. And thank you Marie for all your hard work! It was fun and so nice!

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