Thursday, April 16, 2009

I love this Wedding #7

Another wedding that I love. This one was found on Style Me Pretty and it is the work of Jose Villa. And it really is so pretty. I found this wedding a long time ago, and kept some of the ideas till now (I am borrowing a lot of them!!) Here are the pictures:
So, here is one of the things I am doing . . . parasols . . . although I don't think I necessarily found the idea here, it is still cute here.
I love this slice of tree cake stand. My mom apparently knows someone who can get me one, so she is working on this. I love it so much, so I am super excited about it!!
Love the lace or doily or whatever it is on the napkin. I am doing something similar, I think it is really sweet and pretty. I'm not making pretty candles like this, but I do love them!!!
Oh I just love this wedding. It is just so pretty. I want my wedding to be pretty and fun . . . oh I am so excited.


Hannah Noel said...

Is that dog real?? it looks so perfectly cute and posed that it almost looks like a toy! haha

I LOVE how they incorporated trees into everything!

Lauren said...

I loved the place setting! And that adorable little dog! :)