Monday, March 2, 2009

Portland Bridal Show

My last trip up to Portland I went to my first Bridal Show. The Portland Bridal Show to be exact. My Mom and my Maid-of-Honors Mom with me! Very helpful


I actually thought it was really fun, although I am not sure how helpful it actually was. My friend Amy, who is getting married this year as well, went the day before I did. She said it was completely overwhelming. Now she had just started her planning, so she doesn't have a location, photographer, dress, anything. One of the reasons I think I enjoyed it so much more was because I could skip pass the booths for wedding sites, photographers, caterers (after sneaking a bite or two), and other places I really didn't need to talk to. That meant I could spend more of my time talking to DJs, bakers, printers, and rental companies. I could spend more than 2 seconds talking to people about my specific needs. I think this made it sooooooo much better for me.

So, recommendation . . . if you are going to go to a bridal show, make sure you have some things taken care of so you aren't completely overwhelmed!!

Here are a couple of my favorite exhibitors from the show:

1. Platinum to Pearls Care Products - they don't have a website, but if you see them at a bridal show near you, buy their product. I had them clean my ring and it sparkled like the first day I had it. I take my ring fairly often to the jewelers to get it cleaned, but normally that only lasts like a day or two. This stuff kept my ring beautiful for weeks. It is amazing. I bought it right a away and I love it!! If you want to order it purely on my recommendation you can e-mail them at They do have a money back guarantee, so may be worth it!!

2. Mr Formal - Obviously we are going to need suits. And I could have probably found a suit place anywhere, but Mr Formal actually has tan suits for rent!! M doesn't want to wear black, but most Tux rental places don't actually rent anything but black ones, so this was a super exciting find! Also, if we made a deposit, of $20, then we would get a discount on the suits. They would be $59.99! What a steal! And besides that, when you get 4 the grooms tux is free! So exciting. We made the deposit!

3. Photobooths: There were actually 2. One and Two. I don't really think this is in my budget, but it would be fun. And my mom and I had fun taking them. You can tell which ones we did second . . . the first set came out kinda horrible!!

4. The Children's Trust Fund of Oregon: Now this may seem funny, but it is really not. I want to put Marionberry jam in my Out of Town Bags. Reason being, you can only get Marionberries in the Northwest and I want to be able to show my out of town guests a bit of the NW. Well, the Children's Trust Fund of Oregon makes preserves that you can buy (for the same price as other jars of jam), but the proceeds go to their charity!! I think this is awesome. I get what I want, and I help kiddos!! Perfect!


There are some other places that I really enjoyed speaking to as well . . . these were just a few of the highlights. Anyway.

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