Wednesday, March 25, 2009


From the moment I got engaged I have been collecting images and inspirations for my wedding. So now, I have this huge word file filled with wedding inspiration . . . one of the things I grabbed and kept is this picture:

There is a Claw-footed tub at the B&B and so I want a picture like this!! I was reminded of this picture when I saw this picture on Snippet & Ink this weekend:

(Image from Snippet & Ink)

I think they are both such fun pictures. I am going to do it. I love it!!!


Hannah Noel said...

lol I do the same thing!! I also love those pictures-- except I sadly have no cool bathtub to pose in :( lol

PDX Bride said...

There is also a bathtub out in the yard . . . dont think I will get in that one though!!

Sara said...

So pretty! I have been wanting to shoot a bride in a bathtub too, you're lucky you'll have one close at hand!

Sara Gray