Thursday, March 5, 2009

I love this Wedding #2 . . . or should I say rehearsal dinner

This has to be the cutest rehearsal dinner I have ever seen!! And I am jealous . . . she basically got to plan another huge event. I love planning my wedding and seeing all the details come to life. She got to have another theme, another color scheme, another look! I love everything I see and I can't have everything in my wedding without it looking crazy!! I wish I could have a rehearsal dinner like this, but I don't think this bride had the same kind of budget that I do!! Enjoy the pics. Oh I found this on Snippet & Ink.

This reminds me of M too. The bride and groom bought bandanas as napkins. M used to always carry a bandana in his pocket and it was amazing how often we would end up using it. It was one of his cute country boy qualities that I love. Too bad he doesn't carry one anymore. Maybe I wll remind him!

I love strawberry shortcake!! I wish I was daring enough to serve strawberry shortcake at my wedding instead of cake, but I love all the wedding traditions and cannot imagine not have the traditional cutting of the cake pictures and everything. Oh well. I will steal this for our rehearsal though. Berries are amazing in the summer in the Northwest, so it should be delicious!!

Take a look at the napkins . . . they have banjos and guitars on them. M plays the guitar and I play the banjo (or used to) . . . I love this little design! They used it and had a bluegrass theme . . . I love bluegrass!! I love this!!

A pinata?? How much fun!!

A fire pit and s'mores . . . I might be able to do this too.

We are probably going to have our rehearsal dinner in my parents backyard. It will be some kind of BBQ something . . . so this kind of theme will probably work for us!! We shall see. I just love this way too much. Hope you all enjoyed!!

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