Friday, March 13, 2009

To Do List . . . Shopping! Mom - don't read this one if you want a surprise!!

I have most of the "big" stuff taken care of for our wedding, so I love that right now my to do list is shopping. I am on the lookout for earrings and a bracelet, flower girl dresses, initiations, etc. But I just found some great deals the last week or so. Here are some of my great finds:

From Country Clean Paper Supplies - The largest spool of bakers twine I have ever seen! Let me know if you need some . . . I can make you a great deal.
And at $8.95 for 2 pounds of twine, I think it might have been a steal . . . although I am not sure how many yards is in 2 pounds of twine!!

From Bumblebee Linens - Hankies

Some for the ladies . . .

And some for the gentlemen . . .
I am going to embroider some sweet message on my moms, and M's moms, and an initial on Ms, my dads, and Ms dad . . . This site has great prices on the hankies as well. The ones with lace are about $3.83 a piece and the plain ones were about $3.67 a piece! I was going to make them myself, but they are a great price.

From Amazon - because I want to make these, just like everyone else, I had to buy the silicone alphabet!

Great price too $14.95, plus free shipping!!

Also from Amazon - Cute books for the flower girls

This book is about a cute little flower girl on a wedding day, it comes with practice flowers, and a price tag of $10!! I bought one for each of the girls to hand over at the rehearsal!!

From Save-on-Crafts - Mini Bottles with a cork, Tea Light Candles, and Shepherd hooks.

I will tell you what I am going to do with the bottles later!!
Tea Light holders are definitely going to be placed on tables throughout the reception . . . yay candlelight!!
Shepherd Hooks . . . of course for the isle. If you all haven't been to Save-On-Crafts I highly recommend it. The bottles were $0.49 a piece, the votive holders were $0.36 a piece, and the hooks were $6.19 a piece. I love it!

From Oriental Trading - Parasols and cellophane bags
You saw my post on parasols, so I new I had to get them!! Most that I found online were about $4 per parasol . . . but these babies were about $2.50 a piece. They are obviously not the highest quality, but they will do their part and provide shade for my lovely guests!!

I will use these for goodies in my Out of Town bags!! They were $5.99 for 50.

From Etsy - Another Flower Girl Gift

So, just one more little something for the flower girls . . . I bought these in Brown and purple. Not really for the wedding, but just something pretty. And $5 a piece, plus Daisy Rose sent me an extra one . . . not sure what to do with it yet, but I am sure I will come up with some cute little girl to give it to!

Anyway . . . I think I have become the ultimate Online Shopper - although I think my mom would agree that I have been that for years! Let me know if you ever need help finding something, I probably know where to get it, and most of the time at a good price!

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Erika and Blake said...

Hi PDX bride!
I am a fellow PDX bride who is going for a similar feel to the event as you are at our outdoor wedding. Your location is GORGEOUS! I've never heard of that place. Ours is very simple, rustic ( Anyway - we are getting married a couple of weeks after you on 8/22. Maybe you and I could coordinate to be 'green' and share some of our decor purchases? Don't know your color scheme but I just bought around 50 antique aqua canning jars.......I'd love to use your shepard hook/vase combos and votive holders! Think it over!