Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mother of the Bride Dress

So, as I told you all I was up in Portland over the weekend (well Wednesday to Sunday), so I got a ton done, but also my to do list somehow expanded. I am hoping to have my camera back on Thursday (my brother is overnighting it to arrive then) . . . and I have a ton of pictures to share, so I am really excited.

Anyway, we did some shopping for a dress for my mom. She actually purchased a bunch from Spiegel and Newport News that she tried on when I was home, but none of them really fit what either of us wanted. Anyway . . . this is what we came up with.

The dress and the images are from Norstroms. I think it is super cute, my favorite part is the little slit in the back by the neck. It is just so pretty! Plus mom looks great in it. Super flattering and isn't that typical old lady mother of the bride look. I hate that look!! Nobody should want their mother in some mu-mu looking thing with no shape and pastel colors!! You want your mom to look young and beautiful . . . she is the hostess!! Anyway . . . I love my mom's dress so I just had to share!

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jenifer said...

How sweet fabric of this dress!! I love it!! Best for summer days!! I got a new stylish dres from Spiegel...