Thursday, March 12, 2009

I love this Wedding #3

I found another wedding I am completely in love with!!! It is the wedding of Beth & Tony that I found on The Brides Cafe. The wedding details are very similar to what I have been thinking for my own wedding! Enjoy the pics . . . I think it is beautiful.
I love the pictures of the dress!! I want a picture of my dress hanging outside with the country view behind it!
Pretty colored shoes . . . I think I am going to go with purple. My biggest problem is that I am tall, I want heals, but they can only be like an inch . . . where am I going to find this mystical perfect heals!
I love vintage hankies . . . this is perfect.
My girls are going to be in chocolate brown. Plus, I love the ribbons hanging down from the bouquets, I was planning something similar.
So cute!
I am in love with escort cards that have the mini clothes pins. I have already bought the pins and am working on the cards . . . I will show you soon once I know what I am really doing!!
Oh the treats!! I thought having multiple favors would be too much, but from this bride it looks like she did a couple . . . humm . . . the possibilities.
I am doing this as well. Just bought my parasols online for about $250 a piece. Amazing price. I want games at my wedding too!! I think it is one of the best things about having an outdoor affair. Makes everything a bit more casual!! And this is washers . . . I don't think washers exists in Portland, so it would be fun to bring some of my Midwest college fun (yay Mizzou) to my wedding in the NW!!
We are using chalk boards too . . . I think I just found some inexpensive ones too!! Yay!

(All images from Beau Arts via The Brides Cafe)

Wasn't it beautiful?? I love it! So funny when you see people who have so much similar taste to yourself!!

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Hannah Noel said...

Wow, I love everything about this wedding. Especially the caramel apples!!