Thursday, March 19, 2009

I love this Wedding #4

Another wedding I am completely in love with!!! It is the wedding of JoEllen and Rob that I found while searching around on Snippet & Ink, an amazing blog that I am also in love with! I hope you enjoy all the pictures, I sure do.

Firstly, this is a beautiful site. I love the round barn. I looked at barns when I was looking at sites, but they were all a bit over my budget. Oh well.
Super cute invites!! I wish I had the talent to create something this unique and fun.
Yay flats . . . you don't see that too often.
I love this tie. I wish I could find a similar one in green for M and his groomsmen!!
Ahh . . . love the twine on the boutonniere!!
I have been talking to M for a long time about having an old truck at the wedding, the only problem is that our ceremony and reception is in the same place, and I can't really find a reason why we would actually need a truck!! (except for the pretty pictures!)

Love, love, love the hanging mason jar flower arrangements!! Super cute.

I have never really been a big fan of "red weddings." I am not sure why that is, but I just haven't been a fan. This wedding has completely changed my mind. I love all the red . . . all the cute details. Just stick me in my dress and recreate this wedding . . . I think I would be ok!
I am having games at my wedding. It has to be one of the best things about having a wedding outside . . . you can do all this fun stuff!
I am "copying" this detail to some extent! I have loved the mini clothes pins since before I was engaged, and I already bought the largest thing of brown and white bakers twine that I have ever seen. So when I saw this I thought . . . I could totally do something like this. I am thinking, maybe some chicken wire, some olive branches, my brown and white bakers twine . . . very excited.
Cupcake ids . . . super fun!
Beautiful barn!

(Sources from

Snippet & Ink and Eyespy Photography)

So, are you in love?? I just think it is absolutely perfect.

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