Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Something to throw

I am not sure what to throw . . . petals, rice, birdseed, Ecofetti?? Ecofetti is actually pretty cool . . . it is "Water-soluble and completely biodegradable confetti."

(Images from here)

There are many problems when deciding what to throw at your wedding. With mine being outside I have a few more options, but there are still issues. I am still not exactly sure with what my venue is ok with. They might not want birds all over their lawn if I threw birdseed, plus my mom mentioned that some birdseed can grow - I am not sure what will grow from it . . . but I am sure my site doesn't want it growing!! I love the lavender buds, but my mom is super allergic to lavender so that is out! Flower petals are cute, but most sites want you to pick it up after you are done - again I am not sure what my site thinks . . . I guess I should check before I do too much worrying. But maybe this Ecofetti is the best option . . . it will just wash away and it comes in almost any color you want! You can get it online here!

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