Thursday, March 26, 2009

I love this Wedding #5

This couple took the olive theme to it's fullest, and it is beautiful. You know I love the Olive Branch look and everything, so this wedding actually makes me really jealous. It is the wedding of Day and Max, found on Style Me Pretty. Enjoy the pics!

First, beautiful setting . . . along with a beautiful bride . . . and the bouquet is really pretty too.
Beautiful and simple hairpiece and earrings!
I love succulents! Probably because they are the only plants I can't kill . . . but they are super pretty.

Lemonade in mason jars??!!?? I absolutely love it!!! Plus, here starts the olive branches. These are actual olive leaves in brown paper bags and twine . . . The jealousy has started!! This is such a fun array of bridesmaids and colors . . . that is a lot of bridesmaids!!
You know I love parasols!!
And the flower girls are tossing olive leaves . . . the jealously is rising!!

Olive branches at the table settings!! It is so simple and elegant . . . I love it . . . there goes the jealously again. So pretty . . . ::swoon::
And olive leaves for people to toss as the bride and groom walk back down the isle, not to mention the pretty rustic box they are in, so lovely . . . oh I want it.
And bluegrass!!! I love banjos!! Can I pretty pretty please have this wedding?
Oh and the lights, this set up is so gorgeous!!
Can you see why I love this?? Oh I want it. If someone know where I can buy olive leaves . . . please let me know. That is exactly what I want!!!


Hannah Noel said...

Holy crap, 12 bridesmaids??

farmhouse wares said...

Love it all, especially the lemonade and olive leaves. You could try contacting McEvoy Ranch in CA. We get our olive oil from them and they grow everything right on CA.

PDX Bride said...

Wow . . . thanks for the tip!!