Friday, June 5, 2009

Dress shopping 4

Because of my budget constraints I figured I had to try David's Bridal. I did find a couple cute dresses though!!
Wow . . . that is a great face!

Now you can't really tell in this pictures . . . or really any of the pictures (1, 2, 3) but most are about 5 inches to short. I am 5'11 so with any dress I was figuring about $100 to $200 more on the cost of any dress just to add length. Looking at this last dress from David's Bridal . . . it was around $900, plus $100 for extra length. Also, at David's Bridal in order to get extra length you have to order a plus sized dress . . . I am not sure why this is, but it really pisses me off. That is also an extra $100. Then because I am not really a plus sized girl (I'm just tall) I would have to get the dress altered back down to my size . . . that would probably be another $100 to $200. So this $900 David's Bridal Dress would cost me $1200 to $1300 before taxes!! This is not ok! I somehow had in my head that I can get a dress for around $1000 . . . but if a DB dress was going to cost me $1300 . . . I had to rethink!!


kim said...

i tried on that third dress and i really loved it... but there were certain details that i didn't like so i kept looking. luckily i found one for a couple of hundred cheaper!

gangsta bride said...

that last one is gorgeous. but don't buy anything you dont feel awesome in. try some other stores that arn't wedding stores. you might just find an amazing white dress for a non wedding price.