Monday, June 1, 2009

My Ring Pillow

So I finally made my own Ring Bearer Pillow. I wanted to have lace on it, so I layered ancelon lace over some brown organza, then added a little brown ribbon!! I of course added the special elastic band across the back so it will stay on M's nephews little hand easily!! Here are the pictures!

(Images by Me)

I had to take a pic of my engagement ring on there!! You guys like it? I think it is pretty? I wonder if anyone else would buy it? Maybe I should start an Etsy shop. I have a ton of the lace left!


kim said...

i love it! i'm definitely going to be making our ring pillows as well. i've never sewed anything more than a small wallet, but it can't be too hard!

Hannah Noel said...

Very very beautiful!