Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Aprons for Alexa

Remember Alexa?? I made her a ring pillow?? Anyway, she decided to make her bridesmaids aprons as one of her gifts to them. I offered to help out so I just thought I would share some of the pictures of our journey in making 7 aprons. That's right 7 bridesmaids . . . and Alexa picked one of the most complicated apron patterns I have ever seen. Super cute, but a lot of work!!

This is all the different fabric for all the aprons.
The pattern!
Oh kitty helping to measure and cut!

Pattern piece and fabric.

The apron starting to form
We even got M to help cut!!
And there is Alexa sewing with her husband (fiance at the time) helping as well . . . with my little Tumbleweed watching!
M modeling with his coffee.
He doesn't quite fill out the bust very well!

And there is Alexa in the first finished apron . . . much cuter than M!!! I wish I had a picture of all the finished aprons . . . oh well. Apparently all her bridesmaids really liked them. I think they are super fun too. Great gift idea!

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