Monday, June 15, 2009

Should I make quilts??

Have you seen this cute picnic wedding??

(Images from Once Wed)

Or this one??

(Images from The Bride's Cafe)

So, the question is . . . should I make quilts?? You all know I can make a quilt and I think it would be really nice to have people hanging out around the yard at the B&B. Well, if I make them or not there will still be a very special quilt that I for sure want to have at the wedding! It even has a name. The Big Red Blanket. My family used it my entire childhood. Picnics, concerts, at the beach, camping. I have so many memories of this quilt, and I really would love to have some pictures of me and my new husband all dressed up having a moment on the beautiful quilt. Plus, with all the kids that are going to be there, it will be a nice place for them to play as well!!! Isn't it pretty?? The Big Red Blanket in all it's glory!!
M . . . crashing?
M and Me!!! (All pictures by me!!)

I love that blanket, and I am seriously having it at the wedding!!!!

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