Friday, June 12, 2009

The Dress #1

So . . . I've shown you some of my favorite dresses, and explained why it is sometimes annoying to be tall, but now I am going to talk about MY DRESS. Yes, a decision was made!!! But you wont be able to see it till the wedding. Not because I want to surprise my guests (although that is kind of fun too), but because it is being made . . . from scratch!! My Mom and my Matron of Honor's Mom went to a bridal show and met Sara. Sara is an amazing designer, tailor, and dressmaker . . . plus, she gets me. Sara is also about 6 feet tall and understands all my pains about finding things that fit (fit correctly!). As soon as Sara and I met I was totally comfortable with her. We talked about what I wanted and didn't want, shape, style, fabrics. I was so excited to get the whole process started!!! I will share with you over the next few weeks my appointments with Sara (they started back in February) . . . it is kind of hard to see the changes in the dress between each appointment in the photos . . . but it is amazing to see the dress come along. It is going to be amazing!!!!

So, here is a little more about Sara. She is selling some of her pre-made dresses on Etsy.

(Images 1, 2, 3)

Aren't they lovely??? My dress is going to be much more of a traditional looking wedding dress, but I think these dresses are so much fun. You can find Sara at the Bridal Loft (which is also an amazing place all in itself), or on her website, or on her blog (which you should check out, it is full of wonderful dress advice!). Whatever you do . . . check Sara out!!!

Plus, any of you Portland Brides that are having issues finding the prefect dress (at the perfect price) . . . you should really be looking Sara up. She has been amazing and I am getting exactly the dress I want!!!!

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Annie @ MarryYouMe said...

This is great to know, my friend is engaged and drew her wedding dress but has never seen anything like it anywhere. I'll have to pass Sara's info along to her.