Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Yay!! Wedding Bands!!!!

The last time I was in Portland we got our wedding bands back and they are amazing!!! Of course I took about a million photos . . . here are some of them.
Our matching bands!
All of the rings.
My engagement ring in an iris. Irises are my favorite flowers ever!!! The day before the irises were all closed up ready to bloom, and the day we went to pick up the bands this one iris had popped open. Amazing!
The bands in the iris.
So here are the bands again, along with my grandmothers wedding band. Do you remember how bad it looked before?? It is practically a new ring. Absolutely amazing!!
All the rings hanging on a twig. Where have you seen that before??
The bands in lilacs. Have you smelled lilacs lately?? Wonderful!!
My three rings in the lilac!!

Aren't those beautiful?? They make me so happy!!!! Oh all the pics are by me!


Logan said...

Nice! We got a similar hammered ring for my husband too. Good choice!

kim said...

so pretty! i love how well they match w/ your engagement ring. i'm worried that i won't find a good match with mine that won't cost us a fortune! luckily we found a band for him on etsy for less than $30!