Friday, June 26, 2009


I told you that I love flipflops at weddings . . . so . . . I bought flip flops. I bought mostly women's sizes, with a few men's, just in case someone is hot or something. I made tags so that people could easily find their sizes, and I think they turned out really cute.
My piles of flops!
God I am a dork . . . the brown ones are the men's flipflops!
My cute little tags.
M helping remove sticky stuff from the shoes.
Mom punching holes.
Mom and Me punching and tying tags on flops.
I just love all these pics of my mom and I working together. We are so dang cute! Finished tagged flip flops. Look pretty good huh??

(Photos by me and M)


Catrina & Randy said...

Cute. I've been pondering the idea! I would love to hear if they actually get picked up and used at your wedding!

Abbie said...

Love the tags! I can't believe you designed them. I still need to organize our flip-flops and add tags. Note to self... add to to-do list!