Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm Back . . . Really

Hi everyone, so sorry I disappeared for a few days . . . I hadn't missed a day since I started this blog till last week, so I am a bit disappointed in myself, but I promise I will make it up to you!

I don't have the professional pics back, but I do have a few from family and friends that I will start sharing soon. In the mean time I will finish up with some of the other things I wanted to share before the wedding and just ran out of time.

Anyway . . . here is a quick few of my rehearsal dinner invites!

I went a bit with the bluegrass theme cuz I thought it was really cute, plus it really fits M and me. We served BBQ chicken with my family's secret BBQ sauce, potato salad, a garden salad with nuts and berries, BBQ beans, fruit salad . . . probably a bunch more as well, but honestly I don't remember . . . oh and the best part . . . strawberry shortcake, with seriously the best shortcakes in the whole world. I wish I had pictures of everything, but somehow not many pics were taken. I have a few and M has a couple as well, but that is about it. I think there is one pic of me from the whole evening and I am taking it (me and my cousin) and maybe one of M as well. Guess the party really wasn't about us! Oh well. I thought my invites were cute. I will talk more about Pink Lily Press (the fabulous designer of these and my wedding invites) when I talk about my wedding invites . . . I promise I will do a blog about them soon too.


Katie said...

these are so cute! i love them :)

PDX Bride said...

Thanks! I think they are totally cute . . . would make cute wedding invites too!